Top 10 Best High Schools in Auckland

The intricacy surrounding the search for the best high schools in Auckland can be grossly underemphasized by many parents.

However, as the quest to find the best high schools in Auckland continues to spread around different families like wildfire, we think it is substantially necessary to put down an article that comprises some of the leading Auckland secondary schools.

That said, we’re not only going to provide you with the top 10 best high schools in Auckland, but we’re also going to analyze each one, including its pros and cons, and why each of them stands out from the rest of the secondary schools in the city, in order to help you make a firm decision on where to have your child enrolled for secondary school education.

Education in Auckland

But before we delve right into analyzing the ten Auckland secondary schools, allow us a few minutes to run through the overview of Auckland city.

For those who are alien to New Zealand’s most populous urban area, this post is going to help you get a little more familiar with the city and its people.

As the most populous urban area in New Zealand, Auckland has a population of approximately 1.4 million spanning 13 ethnic groups. The city houses some important educational institutions, including primary, secondary, universities, and colleges.

Presently, there are over 80 high schools in Auckland, this includes 29 composites (primary and secondary) schools. A large proportion of these schools are owned and administered by the state, and only a few are independents.

Also, the city is where many prestigious secondary schools are situated, including the second-largest and largest school in New Zealand with 3035 and 3307 students respectively.

In this article, however, you are going to find the top ten best high schools in Auckland. These comprise both state and private secondary schools.

Top 10 Best High Schools in Auckland, New Zealand

1. Rangitoto College

ADDRESS564 East Coast Rd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0630
PHONE(64-9) 477-0150
EMAIL[email protected]

Rangitoto College is a state co-educational secondary school catering for approximately 3307 boys and girls students (Year 9 to 13). The school was founded in early 1956 with an initial enrollment of 180 learners.

Presently, it is the largest secondary school in Auckland and in New Zealand. Rangitoto is situated on East Road, Windsor Park, Auckland. Enrollment into the school is purely based on an enrollment scheme.

This means, much preference, and automatic admission are given to students who reside within Rangitoto’s enrollment zone.

Even students who live outside the enrollment zone can as well be allowed to attend the school. However, it makes sense to find out directly from the school authority what their admission requirements are.

In terms of quality education and academic performances, Rangitoto College does quite well and is unarguably one of the best high schools in Auckland.

2. Mount Albert Grammar School

ADDRESSAlberton Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025
PHONE+64 9 846 2044

Mount Albert Grammar School, abbreviated as MAGS, is a co-educational public secondary school located in Alberton Avenue, Auckland.

MAGS was founded in 1922 and caters to students from Grade 9 to Grade 13. As of 2020, Mount Albert Grammar School is the second-largest school in New Zealand with a total school roll of approximately 3248 students.

Even with its large numbers, however, it’s still behind Rangitoto College which has roughly 3307 students on the register and currently ranks 1st in terms of the student population.

MAGS, for the past few years, has modernized and built several in-campus facilities for curricular and extracurricular purposes. These include a boarding hostel commonly known as “School House”.

This boarding facility can accommodate up to 105 students from Grade 9 through to Grade 12. Apart from the boarding hostel, the school has other facilities that resonate with 21st-century teachings, such as Observatory Telescope (basically used for both amateur and school education research), an Aquatic Centre which embodies a 15-meter competition swimming pool, to mention but a few.

The boarding fee at Mount Albert Grammar School is $14,200 for four terms (incl GST, and excluding placement fee of $1,000 for a new applicant.) However, the boarding fee is payable only in two ways: $14,200 (full payments), and $3,550 (per term).

3. Auckland Grammar School

ADDRESSMountain Rd, Epsom Auckland, 1023
PHONE+64 9 623 5400

Auckland Grammar School seems a household name not only in the city itself but across the country. The school, basically abbreviated as AGS, or commonly referred to as “Grammar” is a single-sex secondary school for boys.

Grammar is a public/state, day high school with boarding facilities. In 2020, AGS celebrated its 151 year anniversary.

In terms of academic performance, AGS has done so well – ranking among the best high schools in Auckland, and New Zealand in general, and its results and overall performances are likened to that of private schools.

In addition to students’ results, Grammar was ranked as one of the best for getting into top-ranked higher institutions.

However, getting into the school isn’t going to be as smooth sailing as you might have thought. AGS is highly reputable, and because of this, entry is determined by the school enrollment scheme; wherein the utmost preference is given to students living within the school zone, and then the brothers of current students who live outside the designated zone.

Please visit Grammar’s official page for information in regards to tuition and fees for international students.

4. Mount Roskill Grammar School

ADDRESSFrost Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1041
PHONE+64 9 621 0050
EMAIL[email protected]

Mount Roskill Grammar School is a state coeducational secondary school located on Mt Roskill, Auckland. The school provides quality education for students from Year 9-13.

With a school roll of approximately 1,965 students from Year 9 to Year 13—spanning across 70 different nationalities, it is safe to agree that Mount Roskill Grammar School is indeed one of the most diverse secondary schools in Auckland.

As a state school, Mount Roskill Grammar School pride itself on not only the huge student enrollments but basically on the magnificent performance of its students and the overall academic performances.

The school is actively regarded as one of the best state high schools in Auckland and New Zealand.

5. Rutherford College, Auckland

ADDRESS18-20 Kotuku Street, Te Atatū Peninsula, Auckland 0610
PHONE+64 9 834 9790
EMAIL[email protected]

Rutherford College is a mixed-gender, state high school located on Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland. The school was founded in 1961 and currently caters to students from Year 9 to Year 13.

In addition, it also provides special and adult education, including night courses. As a public school, however, and also given the importance of core subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Science; Rutherford College is required to use the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) in order to better prepare and equip the students with the 21st-century teachings and practices.

Also, there are various academic and nonacademic programs offered to students during their course of studies at Rutherford College. These programs enhance students’ preparedness to join the workforce as soon as leaving high school.

Rutherford College is an ideal secondary school for thousands of families across Auckland.

Best Secondary Schools in Auckland

6. Rosehill College

ADDRESS5 Edinburgh Avenue Papakura, Auckland
PHONE+64 9 295 0661
EMAIL[email protected]

Rosehill College is a coeducational state high school situated in Papakura, a northern suburb of Auckland. The College officially opens its doors to students in 1970.

In that year, the total school roll was approximately 180 students and 9 teachers. Today, however, the school is ranked the largest high school in the region with roughly 1,673 students from Year 9 to Year 13.

Like in many state secondary schools in Auckland, international students are highly welcomed at Rosehill College.

That said, if you would – after reading this article, like to send your child to this school, it is important to know that Rosehill College operates an enrollment scheme to curtail overcrowding.

Therefore, you’re advised to check the school portal for the latest enrollment procedures.

7. Avondale College, Auckland

ADDRESSVictor Street, Avondale, Auckland 1026
PHONE+64 9 828-7024
EMAIL[email protected]

Avondale College is a mixed-gender, state secondary school situated on Victor Street in the suburb of Avondale, Auckland.

Founded in 1945, it is one of the largest schools in New Zealand, and it is popularly known for its academic prowess.

Unlike other state high schools in Auckland, enrollment into Avondale College isn’t particularly based on the enrollment scheme, as students living outside the enrollment area can also apply to study at the school.

However, only students who fall between the ages range of 12 to 18 can be enrolled.

At Avondale College, students are cared for and nurtured to reach their full potential in an inclusive and stimulating environment.

Also, the professionalism of highly skilled teachers translates to why the school is ranked as one of the high-performing Auckland secondary schools.

8. Alfriston College

ADDRESS550 Porchester Rd, Randwick Park Auckland 2105
PHONE+64 9 269 0080
EMAIL[email protected]

Alfriston College is a public/state coeducational secondary school located in the suburb of Alfriston in Auckland, New Zealand.

Opened in 2004, it is one of the newly established high schools in Auckland, catering to over 1,128 students from Year 9 through Year 13. Learners at the school are encouraged to communicate effectively, work independently, and develop creative solutions.

Alfriston College provides opportunities for all students to strive for academic, sporting, and creative excellence, within a safe and stimulating environment.

Besides academic excellence, the school also encourages its students to participate in various extracurricular activities such as music, drama, debate, et al.

9. Macleans College

ADDRESS2 Macleans Rd, Bucklands Beach, Auckland 2012
PHONE(09) 535 2620
EMAIL[email protected]

Macleans College is a state, mixed-gender high school located in Auckland. With approximately 2,663 students from Year 9 to Year 13, it is one of the largest schools in the area.

The College was established in 1980 with fewer than 200 students, but today caters to over 2,663 students, including International students.

However, like many public schools in the city, Macleans College houses a plethora of facilities including health care, library, stationery shop, uniform shop, and tuck shop.

Macleans College is widely known for its expertise in teachings and academics, and the overall student performance is top-notch. That’s why the school has always remained the first choice for many families.

10. Orewa College

ADDRESS76 Riverside Road, Orewa 0931, Auckland
PHONE+64 9 427 3833
EMAIL[email protected]

Orewa College is a state co-educational school situated in Orewa, a suburb of Auckland. The school offered a combined education for Intermediate and Secondary school students from Year 7 to Year 13.

Presently the school roll is approximately 1,977 students and the largest in Orewa District. Founded in 1956 with only 101 students in the register, the population has grown exponentially over the past decades.

Orewa College students have performed highly across academic, sporting, and arts. Many have reached national recognition.

Staff at Orewa College are committed to providing a supportive and challenging center of learning, promoting high levels of achievement academically and in co-curricular activities.

Final Thoughts

I trust that you are going to have your decision right, having read and digested this article. Even though there are many secondary schools in Auckland, some are outstanding and preferred over others.

We truly believe that this article will help you in your decision-making, and you would be able to choose a school that leads your child(ren) to academic success.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the list up there, and would like to inform us of any suggestion, kindly leave us a message via the comment form.

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