Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Centurion

Did you stumble here on this page in response to a search for the best government/public or private primary schools in Centurion?

If my guess is as good as yours, then don’t panic. You are in the right place.

However, before we go into details, let’s quickly glance over something quite crucial.

  • Admission into primary schools in Centurion
  • School fees in Centurion primary schools

These two, at least for the time being, are some of the most essential to consider.

Primary schools in Centurion, more often than not, offer admission only to children who have reached the appropriate primary school age.

What are the primary schools’ age(s) in Centurion?

Centurion primary schools admission is only available for learners from the age of 4-years and perhaps up to 7 or 8-years. Children within these age ranges can enroll in any of the best primary schools in Centurion that will be listed later on this page.

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Although, like in most life adventures, parents are the sole determinant for when, exactly, to send a child to primary school.

However, as a general rule of thumb, your child should be ready and set for a primary level education before his fourth birthday. In other words, you have to ensure that your child begins his education journey on/or before turning 4-years old.

Centurion Primary Schools’ Fees

On the other hand, school fees for Grade R to Grade 7 learners in most primary schools in Centurion can range from as little as 900 ZAR per child (monthly installment, payable over 10months) and up to a few thousand bucks per month, as well.

Note that school fees vary from school to school, irrespective of the Grades.

For instance, private primary schools in Centurion can be hugely expensive, and sometimes, ideally not for a parent who is on a budget.

Public schools, on the other hand, can be rewarding in the long run. You pay less to access good education, even though there is still a gap between it and its private counterpart.

Eventually, it is not all about whether it is a public or private school. What matters is your child’s dedication to learning. Also, not forgetting that even the parent have a role to play.

Here in this article, you will find the best primary schools in Centurion, in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Centurion

1. Laerskool Doringkloof Primary

TUITIONR13 000 – R14 300 per annum
PHONE012 667 1977
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESSCecile and Karin Avenue, Doringkloof, Gauteng 0046

Laerskook Doringkloof Primary is a coeducational, parallel medium school located in the Doringkloof area, Gauteng.

As a parallel medium school, it educates students in both Afrikaans and English language.

The school officially opened its doors in 1978 with 530 learners on the register, plus two administrative staff members and twenty-three teachers.

As of this time, Doringkloof has more than 1200 learners spanning from Grade R to Grade 7.

At Doringkloof, learners are usually encouraged to participate in sports and cultural activities. Taking part in these activities fosters the growth of learners both physically and mentally.

Since its inception, Doringkloof has maintained a high academic standard in a nurturing and stimulating environment. And, its excellent academic record has caused a stir around the hosting community and beyond.

2. THE WAY Christian School

TUITIONR35,200 – R51,920 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE+27 12 656 9228
ADDRESS229 Erasmus Ave, Raslouw, Centurion, 0157

THE WAY Christian School is a non-profit Christian school for boys and girls. The school is organized into four divisions: Foundation, Intermediate, Senior, and College.

Established in 1998, THE WAY Christian School is one of a few private primary schools in Centurion that offer the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) syllabus.

At THE WAY Christian School, learners are encouraged to dream big dreams, depend on God, and be confident in all their endeavors.

The school focuses strictly on children’s development. Hence, encourage every child to give their best in all circumstances and not limit their potential.

As one of the leading primary schools in Centurion, THE WAY Christian School aims to develop the whole child and provide opportunities for them to grow.

3. Centurion Christian School

TUITIONR31,900 – R53,460 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE(012) 656 7004
ADDRESSWitpensstekelstert St, Celtisdal, Centurion, 0157

Centurion Christian School is an independent, coeducational Christian school. It was founded in 1997 to provide quality Christian education to learners from Centurion and within the Gauteng region.

The School is fully accredited and registered with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA).

Centurion Christian School aims to provide quality and affordable education to learners from diverse backgrounds and equip them for life through Biblical Education.

As a fee-paying school, new enrolments are to pay a one-time non-refundable application fee of R450, followed by a registration fee of R2 250 (payable within seven days after the learner has been granted admission into the School).

Tuition and Fee for Grades RRR – RR range from R2 900 (monthly) and up to R42 020 per year (with Aftercare); While Grades R – 12 tuition and fees can range from R61 193 up to R77 941 per year.

That said, it is recommended you visit the school website to find out if there are changes in the tuition.

4. Empro Academy

TUITIONR3 400 – R5 000 (monthly x 12)
PHONE+27 12 767 7980
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS66 Erasmus Avenue, Raslouw, Centurion 0157

Empro Academy is an independent school catering to learners from Grade RR to Grade 12. Established in 2010 as an extra lesson center with a small group of only 12 students; It has grown to accommodate and provide holistic education to hundreds of learners from within and outside the city.

Empro is registered at the Department of Education and accredited by Umalusi.

Empro Academy aims to become one of the most prestigious private primary and high schools in Centurion. To achieve this goal, however, the School has set a class size limit to a maximum of 18 learners per class.

This allows for a supportive and non-competitive environment where the pupil can nurture their confidence and work to reach their full potential.

The School strives to ensure that learners are equipped with the skills necessary to keep up with the ever-growing expectations of the 21st century.

Admissions into Empro Academy are quite straightforward and easy to follow. Check out the school website for more information.

5. Valhalla Primary School

TUITIONR9 625 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE012 654 4011
ADDRESSValhalla, Centurion, 0185, South Africa

With a school fee of R875 per month and R9 625 per annum, Valhalla English Medium Primary School is among the cheapest primary schools in Centurion.

Valhalla officially began accepting students in 1965. Since then, it has worked to create a safe, happy, and stimulating environment that will enhance learners’ creativity and aid them to become skilled and self-dependent individuals.

Every child at Valhalla is nurtured and developed by passionate and well-trained staff members.

As of this time, there are approximately 1,200 happy learners at Valhalla Primary School.

Like many of the schools listed here on this page, the admission process is smooth and fast.

6. Springvale Primary School

TUITIONR18 756 – R21 100 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE012 660 0024
ADDRESSFriederieche and Koedoe Street, Centurion 0157

Springvale Primary School is a diverse, progressive, coeducational school situated in Centurion, Gauteng. Since its establishment, the school embraces diversity and encourages pupils to participate in academic, sporting, and cultural activities.

The school believes that learners can reach their full academic, spiritual and social potential if given the proper attention and atmosphere needed to thrive.

To emerge as productive and well-balanced individuals learners are encouraged to be perseverant in all endeavors.

That said, if you are looking for one of the most vibrant primary schools in Centurion, a visit to Springvale Primary School will give a sense of how welcoming the school can be.

Learners at the School are encouraged by the motto: PERSEVERE.

And yes! The atmosphere at the school is suitable for every individual.

Today, Springvale Primary School has over 1,400 learners from Grade R to Grade 7.

7. Amberfield College

TUITIONR48 000 – R72 900 per annum
PHONE012 534 3344
EMAIL[email protected]
ADDRESS4810 Amampondo Str, Rooihuiskraal North x 46, Centurion

Amberfield College is an independent school for boys and girls situated in Centurion. It serves learners from Grade RRR up to Grade 12 at an affordable fee.

Tuition and fees differ by grade, and it covers the use of learning materials such as textbooks and e-learning services.

The College officially opened in 2019 and began accepting students in that same year with approximately 807 learners, then on the register. To date, the school ranked top of the charts of newly established private primary and high schools in Centurion.

Amberfield College is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education. However, the Royal Schools, an education body that currently manages 13 schools on five campuses across South Africa, is at the helm of management.

To parents prioritizing affordability and quality, this school is an ideal option. It is one of the best budget-friendly schools out there.

Over the past few years, they are providing quality private primary and secondary education to learners from Grades RRR – 12.

At Amberfield, every learner is treated equally with care and respect in an inclusive serene, and secure environment.

8. Irene Primary School

EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE012 667 1037/8
ADDRESSBruce Street Irene, 0062

Without mincing words, Irene Primary School is one of the oldest standing primary schools in Centurion. The school officially opened in 1901 with six teachers and two hundred and sixty pupils.

The school started as a dual-medium primary school where Afrikaan and English were the two only languages used for instruction.

However, the former was discontinued in 1977, leaving only English as the primary medium of instruction.

Apart from its rich history and heritage, Irene Primary has had tremendous successes over the past decades and is still striving to maintain its position as a school of choice.

Application into Irene Primary School is always an open year in, year out, to children living within Centurion and beyond.

9. Uitsig Primary School

TUITIONR11 000 – R13 850 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE012 655 0753
ADDRESS46 Yelanda Street The Reeds, Centurion 0061

Uitsig Primary School first opened its doors to learners in 1993 with two hundred and seventeen pupils and eight educators. Two decades and counting, the School is still making strides within the community.

Today, Uitsig Primary School caters to over 1,444 learners from Grade R to Grade 7. Also, it is one of the best parallel-medium primary schools in Centurion. Currently, it offers 2 African Languages as FAL from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

The School focuses on helping learners identify their God-given talents in a safe, innovative, and inspiring environment. Children receive education integrated with both academic and extracurricular activities.

Uitsig Primary School has incorporated modern-day learning facilities into its already-stacked infrastructures.

These include state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with the latest teaching tools, a computer laboratory, centers for physical science and art, and a media center, to name just a few.

10. Lyttelton Primary School

TUITIONR11 528 per annum
EMAIL[email protected]
PHONE012 664 5811
ADDRESSLyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157

Lyttelton Primary School is a public, coeducational pre-high school situated in the area of Centurion. Since its inception, the school focused on producing learners that are well-rounded members of society.

The school is committed to academic excellence. Because of this, it is working in conjunction with parents, pupils, partners, and the hosting community to facilitate the growth of learners.

At Lyttelton Primary School, the growth of learners in areas such as social, spiritual, physical, and emotional are prioritized and worked on by the ever-committed educators.

That is why the school can beat its chest for having the most qualified and dedicated teachers who are innovative and can utilize the power of modern-day technology to the benefit of the pupils.

How Primary Schools in Centurion are Rated?

First of all, we are not rating these schools, per se. This article is purely educational and aims at educating parents who are questing for primary schools in Centurion.

Centurion is a South African city blessed with renowned schools, colleges, and institutions. The city houses some of the country’s most prestigious schools.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article profer a long-term solution to parents searching for the best government/public or private primary schools in Centurion.

And, hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision on the list of top primary schools in Centurion, South Africa.

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