The Life Changer Summary of JAMB Novel 2023

Welcome to The Life Changer summary chapter by chapter, JAMB novel 2023. Take your time and read this comprehensive summary of The Life Changer from chapters 1-9 for free. I will also touch on what the 2023 JAMB novel is all about. You need to know the author and other details to answer any question that will come out during the exam correctly.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced that candidates taking the 2023 UTME exam will be tested on the Use of English novel “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

About The Life Changer

The Life Changer is a novel that offers a fresh perspective on life on a college campus. The author, Khadija Abubakar Jalli, makes her literary debut with this novel and shows her optimism and belief in the power of hope and redemption in the lives of young people. The story centers around Salma and her roommates navigating university life’s ups and downs.

About The Author 

The author, who holds a degree in Mathematics Education, is both a writer and an entrepreneur. She runs the successful business, She’s Boutique Afrique. Khadija Abubakar Jalli is happily married with children. With The Life Changer, she demonstrates her commitment to the female voice. She asserts her place in the African literary scene.

Overview of The Life Changer

The plot of “The Life Changer” delves into the realities of university life in Nigeria, which includes the freedoms and restrictions, the ways of life, and the attitudes toward life. The story follows Salma and her roommates as they navigate both the good and bad aspects of university life and their own personal growth and development.

The story begins with a young girl named Bint who recounts an encounter with her social studies teacher to her siblings. Bint’s mother joins the conversation and shares her own experiences at university. Her son Omar has just been admitted to Ahmadu Bello University to study law, and his mother explains how university admission can change a person’s life.

As the story progresses, readers are introduced to Salma, who grumbles about the university officials while waiting in line at the faculty registration office. The story takes a surprising turn when a janitor hands the keys to the office to a young man in the queue, revealing that he is the registration officer.

The novel follows Salma and her roommates as they learn and grow from their experiences at university, showcasing the power of education to change people’s lives. Through its compelling narrative and underlying themes of hope and redemption, “The Life Changer” is a must-read for anyone looking for an insightful and inspiring story about university life.

Life changer summary chapter by chapter

The Life Changer summary chapter 1

The chapter begins with the protagonist, a successful businessman named Jack, who has everything one could ask for in life, including wealth, a loving family, and good health. However, he feels unsatisfied and unhappy, like something is missing in his life. One day, he receives an invitation from an old friend, Chris, who he hasn’t seen in years. Chris is on his deathbed and wants to share some critical information with Jack. Jack visits Chris and learns about a mysterious book called “The Life Changer”, which has the power to change one’s life. Chris tells Jack he has experienced a positive change in his life after reading the book and suggests Jack do the same. Jack is skeptical at first, but he decides to give it a try.

In conclusion, this chapter introduces the main character. It sets the stage for the events as Jack is on a journey to discover the truth about “The Life Changer”.

The Life Changer summary chapter 2

In Chapter 2 of the story, Ummi Ahmad goes to register for college and meets with the Head of Department, Samuel Johnson. He offers her a drink and compliments her appearance, making Ummi uncomfortable. She quickly becomes suspicious of his intentions and tries to end the conversation by requesting her matric number. Samuel eventually gives her the number but sends his secretary after her to inform her that she needs to see the 100 Level Coordinator for further registration. Ummi is angry and frustrated with the situation but continues with her registration smoothly. She leaves the office feeling exhausted and takes a tricycle home.

The Life Changer Chapter 3 summary

In The Life Changer chapter three, Ummi shares a story to caution her children, especially her son Omar, who has just enrolled in university. The story is about a young man named Talle who was born and raised in Lafayette. He suffered several losses in his life, including the death of his mother at birth, and the loss of his father and stepmother in a car accident. Talle became reclusive and dedicated himself to his work as a driver for the local government. However, when Talle’s grocery purchases suddenly increased, the grocer informed the District head, Hakimi, who then summoned Talle for questioning. During the questioning, the police arrived and arrested Talle, accusing him of kidnapping, armed robbery, and extortion. Talle was found to have been working with Zaki and they were both sentenced to several years in prison. The story serves as a warning to Omar to be careful and not trust anyone blindly. The story by Ummi is a cautionary tale about the dangers of poor decision-making and the consequences of actions. It serves as a warning to be careful about who one trusts and to think about the possible outcomes before acting.

The Life Changer Chapter 4 summary

Chapter four of The Life Changer JAMB Novel focuses on Salma’s experience in university. She was twenty years old when she gained admission and encountered Dr. Dabo, her 100-level coordinator. Dr. Dabo was known for his strict and fair demeanor. He never arrived late to lectures and had an authoritarian rule that students were not allowed to enter the classroom after him. However, when Salma entered his office, he was so taken by her appearance that he asked her to be intimate with him. Salma rejected his request, which made Dr. Dabo feel bad, and he promised never to let his guard down again.

Salma was assigned to Queen Amina Hall and was not pleased with her roommates, Tomiwa, Ngozi, and Ada. However, she eventually grew to like them and they lived like sisters. One evening, Salma met Habib and Labaran and they offered to give her a ride to the university. Salma introduced herself as Tomiwa and even gave them Tomiwa’s number.

The Life Changer Chapter Five Summary

This chapter is about Tomiwa, one of Salma’s roommates in college, who was mistaken for Salma by two childhood friends, Habib and Labaran. The two friends gave Tomiwa a ride to the school campus and were surprised to find out that Salma gave them Tomiwa’s contact instead of her own. Habib called Tomiwa the next day and asked her to hang out with them. When he discovered that Tomiwa was not the lady he had given a ride to the previous night, he gave her fifty thousand naira. He asked her to share ten thousand naira each with her roommates. This made Tomiwa and her roommates happy, and they all celebrated together. Habib is a politician who appointed his childhood friend, Labaran, as his driver.

The Life Changer summary chapter 6

In chapter six, the four girls are in their final year of university. Despite being involved with men, they maintain their focus on their studies and are all on track to graduate with a second-class upper degree. Salma struggles with Moral Philosophy, a general course that is typically easy to pass. She attends a tutorial the day before the exam. Still, when the questions differ from what she expected, she turns to her neighbor, Kolawole Abdul, for help. However, the female invigilator catches her copying and she is forced to sign an EMAL form. Salma implicates Kola in the process and both of them are expelled from the university.

Life Changer summary chapter 7

In Chapter Seven of Life Changer JAMB novel, Salma is faced with a major problem after being caught cheating during an exam. She is at risk of being expelled from the University. She confides in her friend Tomiwa about her situation. She believes that talking to Labaran, who knows Honourable Habib, could help her find a solution. However, she is devastated to learn that the only influential person who can help her is Professor Dabo. She had previously insulted and rejected him when he asked her to be his girlfriend in her first year.

Salma is desperate and pleads with Honourable Habib to give her some money to bribe the chairman of the Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC) who she believes could be swayed with money. Habib agrees to help, but only if she gives him something in return. Salma reluctantly agrees to his demand and is given the money to bribe the chairman.

However, things do not go as planned. Salma meets with someone claiming to be the chairman of the EMEC, Dr. Mohammed Kabir, at a hotel and gives him only one hundred thousand naira. But during the panel hearing, she realizes that she has been tricked by a fake chairman, who is not even a lecturer at the University, let alone the chairman of the EMEC. Salma’s situation is complicated and her future remains uncertain as she faces the consequences of her actions.

The Life Changer Chapter 8 summary

In chapter eight of the book, the reader is introduced to Dr Mohammad Kabir and how he got his nickname. It is revealed that he was employed as a Laboratory Technician at the university. Still, his friendliness and close relationship with people that mattered at the university earned him the title of “Doctor”. Salma confided in Labaran about her experience with an impostor claiming to be the Chairman of the EMEC, who she had bribed with money from Honourable Habib. Labaran then enlisted the help of Zaki to track down the impostor, Dr Mohammad Kabir, and recover the money he had taken from Salma.

Chapter eight also reveals that Honourable Habib was the one who instructed Zaki to kidnap Alhaji Adamu’s son. He hired Zaki to deal with Alhaji Adamu. Still, the plan went wrong as Zaki involved an inexperienced villager, Talle, which nearly cost Habib millions of naira to cover up the case with the police and to secure their release. This chapter gives more insight into the characters and their actions. It sheds light on the different motivations behind their actions.

Life Changer summary chapter 9

Chapter nine of the 2023 JAMB novel is focused on Salim’s near-death experience, which serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of the internet and the importance of being cautious when meeting people online. He meets a girl named Natasha on a social media platform and agrees to meet her in person. However, when he arrives at the agreed-upon location, he realizes that he has been lured into a trap set up by kidnappers and armed robbers. Natasha was a decoy used to lure him into a dangerous situation. Fortunately, Salim can escape the trap thanks to good luck. The chapter highlights the dangers of meeting people online and the importance of being cautious when using social media platforms. 

Ummi warns that people can pretend to be someone they are not on the internet and use this disguise to lure others into dangerous situations. It also highlights the importance of using the internet responsibly and avoiding risky online behaviors, such as revealing personal information or meeting people in isolated locations.


It is equally essential for you to allocate time to read the full novel. This will enable you to comprehend the essence of the summary provided above fully. Reading the full novel will give you an in-depth understanding of the themes, characters, and plot that make up the story. By doing so, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the book and be able to connect with the characters on a more personal level. 

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